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Seeking a richer understanding of God? Whether for ministry or everyday life, studying with SPBC lays a firm biblical foundation for godly transformation.

Hear about studying at the South Pacific Bible College from our 2017 graduates.

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Michael, New Zealand
“These have been two of the best years of my life. Even though there have been some tough times, this place is like a refuge. I was just dying to get here, and when I did, I thought, “Wow! This is the best place ever!” I’ve loved it here, and I’m going to miss the college big time. It’s transformed my thinking, and has made me see much clearer, for the better. The staff-student relationship is really good, and the calibre of lecturers is amazing.”




Katie, Australia
“Studying here has changed me and how I think about God in ways I didn’t know it would. I didn’t imagine my whole view of Christianity and God would be expanded and challenged so much. The classes bring out the practical application of Scripture, and the staff are really encouraging and push us to grow spiritually. Studying here takes the words of the Bible from being just a story, and shows how it impacts my life.”


Rafe, Philippines
“It was really worth it to leave the Philippines and have two years at the college. The kind of education that SPBC offers makes me more open to people and especially understanding the world, with the multicultural environment we have.
I can see the dedication of the teachers to give their best for us. The academic quality is excellent. It’s very spiritually enriching: I’m inspired to do better.”



Bobby, Fiji
“It’s been a renewing of my spiritual life and my physical life. I really appreciate the part the school has played in my life, and how it’s changed me. I started with the Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies, which was focused on gaining a knowledge of God’s Word. My third year, doing the Diploma of Christian Ministry, was about actually getting out there and doing what I’d learned. It was very practical, and I’ve learned a lot and grown in my confidence. I strongly believe this time has trained me to achieve my goals, and to be prepared with the knowledge and experience of what my work with the church will be when I return home to Fiji. SPBC will be in my heart forever.”


Bonnie, China
“I was a new Christian when I started with SPBC. During my three years here, I learned how to love. It’s been very busy, and I’ve enjoyed my practical year doing the Diploma of Christian Ministry. The classes I’ve taken have been very valuable, helping me identify and focus on my strengths, and learn more about the situations I’ll encounter if I’m working for churches. I’ve especially enjoyed being with people, and volunteering with the church.”

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