Diploma in Christian Leadership

NZQA Level 6
120 Credits
One year full-time.

Offered every year.


This diploma is comprised of the following five subjects. Students choose modules from within each subject, according to course requirements and their own desire for specialisation.

Biblical Interpretation
(15 Credits)
As an introduction to theological study, students are equipped with research tools to help them translate, exegete, and teach on selected biblical passages. topics covered include Biblical Exegesis and Translation and Engaging Scripture.
Modules (all three):
– Biblical Exegesis and Translation
– Engaging Scripture
– Biblical Theology – NT Themes
Note: Students who have completed these modules in the Diploma in Biblical Studies are not required to repeat them.
Christian Ethics
(15 Credits)
This course explores historical, contemporary and ethical thinking and frameworks, equipping students to give ethically and theologically sound responses to contemporary pastoral needs.
Modules (all three):
– Historical Development of Christian Ethics
– Applied Ethics
– Christian Ministry Ethics
Topics in Christian Leadership
(15 Credits)
This course provides learners with an opportunity to explore a variety of Christian leadership topics and allows the in-depth exploration of some topics of personal interest.
Modules (choose three):
– Theology of Ministry
– Ministry with Children
– Ministry with Youth
– Human Development
– Counselling
– Marriage and Family
– Ministry in Times of Grief
– Missions
– Special Topics
Ministry Leadership and Management
(15 Credits)
This course provides learners with a collection of leadership and management models for guiding modern churches and congregations.
Modules (choose three):
– Pastoral Leadership and Management
– Leading in Christian Worship
– Church Conflicts
– Children’s Ministry
– Youth Ministry
(45 Credits)
This course provices opporunities for extended practical christian Leadership experiences, as students plan, execute, update and reflect on major undertakings support a Church or Christian organisation. Students propose areas for future professional and spiritual development.
Modules (choose six):
– Minister’s Life and Work
– Leadership and Discipleship Reflective Practice
– Leadership Programme Negotiation, Development, and Needs Analysis
– Leadership Planning and Scheduling
– Leadership Reporting
– Leadership Risk and Change Management
– Leadership Journaling
– Congregational Leadership
– Christian Programme Leadership
– Spiritual Growth for Ministry Practice
– Discipleship Journal and Personal Spiritual Reflection
– Programme and Leadership Findings
– Reporting and Evaluations

The Diploma in Christian Leadership delivers an internship-based year, transitioning students from focused academic studies into practical application and full-time ministry preparation.

Prerequisites include Diploma in Christian Studies and Diploma in Biblical Studies (or equivalent).

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