Asian Mission Forum 2017

We were pleased to host the 2017 AMF held in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Saturday, 29 July – Wednesday, 2 August 2017).

The venue was at the centrally located and recently refurbished Holiday Inn Chiang Mai.

We thank you for praying about this gathering of brothers and sisters from all over Asia and beyond. Through this gathering of worship and fellowship we were transformed into the image of Jesus through the Scripture that inspires so that we will go out and multiply Christ-followers in our world.

We thank everyone who attended and we were honoured to host 2017 AMF!

Below you can listen to the keynote presentations and breakout sessions recorded at AMF.

Tim Woodroof

Tim Woodroof Keynote 1.m4a
Tim Woodroof Keynote 2.m4a
Tim Woodroof Breakout 1.m4a
Tim Woodroof Breakout 2.m4a
Tim Woodroof Breakout 3.m4a

Sean Todd

Sean Todd Keynote 1.m4a
Sean Todd Keynote 2.m4a
Sean Todd Breakout 1.m4a
Sean Todd Breakout 2.m4a
Sean Todd Breakout 3.m4a

Jim Baird

Jim Baird Keynote 1.m4a
Jim Baird Breakout 3.m4a
Jim Baird Breakout 2.m4a

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