Diploma in Christian Ministry

Please note: This diploma will no longer be offered to new students, and is replaced by our new Diploma in Christian Leadership.

NZQA Level 5
120 Credits
1 Year Full-Time

This course is designed for students who have a desire to go into full-time ministry and have completed the 2 year Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies or its equivalent.

Subject Selection

A full-time Diploma in Christian Ministry student undertakes 16 subjects over one year and must accumulate a minimum of 120 credits. Of these:

  • 80 must be at level 5
  • 54 must be from core subjects (3110-3150)

Students may supplement Core Subjects with a range of selected electives from any part of the curriculum, or emphasize a specific area of ministry by supplementing Core Subjects with a specific selection of electives on a ministry “track”. Each requires at least 36 credits from the specified ministry track. The ministry tracks are:

    • General Ministry (GM)
    • Youth Ministry (Y)
    • Pastoral Care and Counselling (PC)
    • Missions (M)

Subject selection should be discussed early with the Dean of Academics. Final approval of Subject Selection is conditional upon:

  • An interview with the Academic Dean and the Student’s Supervisor
  • Subject availability in the year of study (Some subjects may not be available every year)


Curriculum (Continue Scrolling Below)

No. Title Credits Level Description
3110 Theology of Ministry (Core) 6 5 As an introduction to the theology of ministry this subject traces aspects of ministry in the New Testament. Attention is given to translating the theology of ministry into the local church setting.
3120, 3130, 3140, 3150 Minister’s Life and Work 1-4 (Core) 12 (each) 5 Designed to foster a mentoring relationship between the supervisor and student, this year long subject gives the student hands-on experience in different aspects of a minister’s life and work that may include but are not limited to communication, attitudes to ministry, people skills, team spirit, problem-solving skills, and effectiveness in completing supervisor given fieldwork exercises.
3210 Developing and Implementing Biblical Ministry (G) 6 5 Ministry goals and development are an essential part of the minister’s role in the congregation. This subject will help the student gain insight into how ministries can develop, function, and be integrated into the life of the congregation through the actual practice of developing and implementing a ministry.
3220 Pastoral Leadership and Management (G) 6 5 This subject explores the nature of pastoral leadership and examines principles of management in congregational settings.
3230 Leading in Christian Worship (G) 6 4 This subject exposes the student to the ministry of worship planning. The student will be challenged to demonstrate leadership in the planning of worship experiences in a local setting and participate in the planned worship experiences. In addition, the student will evaluate their leadership role following the planned worship experiences.
3240 Preaching in Worship 1 (G) 6 5 This subject challenges the student to explain several purposes of preaching and to establish criteria for evaluating sermons.
3250 Preaching in Worship 2 (G) 6 5 This subject is a continuation of 3240 Preaching in Worship 1. Guidance will be given to the student in the outlining, developing, delivering, and evaluating of sermons.
3260 Management and Resolution of Congregational Conflict(G) 6 5 As an introduction to the management and resolution of congregational conflict, this subject offers strategies for preventing and managing conflict successfully.
3310 Introduction to Youth Ministry (Y) 6 4 This subject introduces the student to the need for and/or purpose(s) of ministry to youth. In addition, the student is exposed to examples of ministry and gains an understanding of the resources needed for such.
3320 Introduction to Children’s Ministry (Y) 6 4 This subject is an introduction to understanding, relating to and teaching children. In addition, the student is exposed to methods and materials for teaching children.
3330 Youth Ministry 1 (Y) 6 5 This subject explains important biblical and social concepts necessary for a successful Youth Ministry in a Christian context.
3340 Youth Ministry 2 (Y) 6 5 This subject explores the developing cultural trends of youth and suggests ways in which to minister to youth.
3350 Youth Ministry3 (Y) 6 5 This subject allows the student to gain experience working with youth and/or youth organisations.
3360 Human Development (Y,PC) 6 4 From a Christian perspective, this subject is an overview of human physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional development from birth to death with particular attention given to the development of faith in young people.
3410 Cultural Awareness and Diversity (PC,M) 6 4 This subject seeks to bring the student to an awareness of cultural diversity within New Zealand and how this cultural diversity has impacted the Maori, Pakeha and other peoples living in New Zealand.
3420 Counselling Principles and Practices(PC) 6 5 This introductory course in counselling introduces the student to the overall areas of counselling. The main focus is to equip the student to understand models of counselling and to use them in their interaction with others. The primary areas covered are general ideas about counselling, literature available for study, pre-marital counselling, marriage and family counselling, stress management and brief therapy. In addition, the student will be given information to help them decide to know when and how to refer.
3430 Marriage and Family Life(PC) 6 5 This subject explores the dynamics of family life in today’s Western society. In addition, strategies for developing skills in working therapeutically with husbands and wives and parents and children will also be explored.
3440 Pastoral Care and Counselling Issues 1 (PC) 6 5 This subject introduces the student to the theory and practice of working with issues of emotion, gender and sexuality. In addition, the student will be challenged to develop his/her self-awareness in these areas.
3450 Pastoral Care and Counselling Issues 2 (PC) 6 5 This subject exposes the student to the theory and practice of working with psychiatric disorders and addictive behaviours.
3460 Ministry in Times of Grief and Loss (PC) 6 5 Since loss and the accompanying grief is the universal experience of human beings, this subject prepares the student to understand and offer pastoral care to people who are suffering grief. In addition, attention is given to a biblical theology of lament and how it can shape the Christian community into being communities of care and support.
3510 Foundation of Missions (M) 6 5 As an introduction to the theological basis for missions, this subject gives the student a foundation for mission work.
3520 Mission Principles and Practices (M) 6 5 Building on 3510 Foundation of Missions, this subject seeks to incorporate mission principles into real practical cross-cultural situations. In addition, this subject explores different aspects of mission work including but not limited to entry into a mission area, culture shock, relationships to colleagues and the local church and supporters, and tenure on the mission field.
3530 Mission in Oceania (M) 6 5 This subject begins with an overview of the history of mission in Oceania and concludes with a description of mission work in theOceaniaregion.Insight is given on principles and methods of integrating Christianity andOceaniacultures.
3610 Christian Spirituality 6 5 This subject will enable the student to explore, with a supervisor, how attitudes, emotions, and temperament influence the way people live out their Christian commitment. The student will then examine himself/herself in these areas and assess how these can be utilised to help in the maturing and growth process. The student will engage in the practice of several spiritual disciplines including but not limited to prayer and Bible study.
3620 Ministry of Visitaion and Hospitality 6 4 A vital part of the minister’s pastoral role is visitation and hospitality. This subject will involve the student in the practice of visitation and hospitality.
3630 Teaching in Christian Environments 6 5 The teaching ministry in the church is vital to the life, health, and future of the church. This subject will give the student valuable experience in the teaching role through the actual practice of teaching in a Christian environment and evaluation with supervisor.
3640 Christian Conversion and Growth 6 5 This subject will challenge the student to explore and reflect on tools and models for evangelising in multiple settings. In addition, the student will explore ways to nurture the faith of recent converts and assist them to become incorporated into a Christian community.
3650 Minister’s Spiritual and Family Life 6 5 This subject challenges the student to note the importance of the minister’s spiritual and family life to the success of ministry and to explore strategies for sustaining ones spiritual and family life in the midst of ministry.
3660, 3670, 3680 Advanced Studies 1-3 6(each) 5 These self-directed subjects are designed to allow the student to research an academic or ministry interest. The subject is flexible enough in that the student chooses, with the help of his/her supervisor and agreement of the Dean of Academics, the subjects of research. It is expected that the research is to be at an advanced level.
3690 Preaching in Worship 4 6 5 This subject is a continuation of 3250 Preaching in Worship 2. Guidance will be given to the student in the outlining, developing, delivering, and evaluating of sermons.





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