Programmes Available

Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies, NZQA Level 5
240 credits. Two-Year Full-time Programme. (May be studied part-time).
Approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Diploma in Christian Ministry, NZQA Level 5
120 credits. One Year Full-time program
This course is designed for students who have a desire to go into full-time ministry and have completed the 2 year Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies or its equivalent.
Approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Individual Subjects

Students not wishing to complete a Diploma may select individual subjects within the Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies programme. SPBC recognizes completion of these subjects with an SPBC Recognition of Achievement Award during the graduation ceremony. Credits earned from these subjects may be applied towards a Diploma if the student enrols in the Diploma at a later date.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students transferring to the South Pacific Bible College from other Schools of Biblical Studies may apply for credit recognition and need to submit their transcript showing subjects taken and grades achieved. Students may request the forms from the Dean of Academics at enrollment.

Educational Pathways

Graduates of SPBC attending other Training Establishments have received recognition of credits on a case-by-case basis. A credit recognition agreement exists with the University of Otago Theology Department. Graduates applying to Bible College of New Zealand, Bethlehem Institute (Tauranga, New Zealand), Abilene Christian University (Texas, USA) and Oklahoma Christian University (Oklahoma USA) will also be considered for credit recognition if it applies to degrees in similar areas of study. Students should speak with the Dean of Academics for advice and more information.

Recognition of Excellence

A full-time Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies student will be enrolled in 254 credits. To earn the Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies a student must have accumulated a minimum of 240 credits. A full-time Diploma in Christian Ministry student will be enrolled in 128 credits. Graduates must have accumulated a minimum of 120 credits. In recognition of achievement students successfully completing more than the minimum requirements will receive the following notation on their diploma certificate:

Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies:
“Merit” (for 254 credits or all credits offered)
“Excellence” (for 254 credits or all credits offered and with a minimum B+ average)

Diploma in Christian Ministry:
“Excellence” (for 128 credits with a minimum B+ average)

South Pacific Bible College Accreditation

The South Pacific Bible College is registered as a ‘Private Training Establishment’ by the New Zealand Qualification Authority pursuant to the Education Amendment Act 1990. The College is accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to teach both the Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies and the Diploma in Christian Ministry, and has been rated by NZQA as a Category 2 institution due to its performance in delivering these diplomas. Such approval allows international students to apply for student visas.


College generally begins the last full week in January and closes after the first full week in December, giving 45 weeks of set lectures and research interspersed with public holidays and selected break periods. Admission to the programme is usually in January, however, it is possible for a student to enter the programme at the beginning of any quarter subject to the discretion of the Administration.

A quarterly schedule is published to students for planning purposes.

2018 quarter dates and scheduled breaks are as follows:

Quarter 1:  7 February – 13 April
Scheduled Break: 14 April – 29 April

Quarter 2: 30 April – 6 July
Scheduled Break: 7 July – 22 July

Quarter 3: 23 July – 21 September
Scheduled Break: 22 September – 7 October

Quarter 4: 8 October – 7 December
Scheduled Break: 10 December – February 2018

Classes generally begin at 9:00 am and conclude by 3:45 pm, except on Wednesdays when classes end at 12:15 pm.

Theology in Action, a time for practical application of course content, is scheduled immediately after lunch on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wednesday afternoons are sometimes scheduled for library research and occasionally classes may be scheduled for the evening.

Lunch is from 12:15-1pm Monday through Friday.

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